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What is a good PPT presentation for your thesis?
As technology evolves, so do the tools in the exam room. Whereas 15 years ago the overhead projector was the "bogeyman", in recent years it is PPT creation that is the thing left to do after writing the thesis. Its function is both to give the graduate an account of his or her ability to use modern technology and to show what he or she considers to be the highlights of his or her essay assistant thesis. A well-structured thesis can be turned into a poor PPT, and the value of a poorly structured thesis can be improved by a well-constructed presentation.
A good PPT presentation presents the thesis in an eye-catching, understandable and clear way, highlighting its essential elements, main issues, findings and other interesting aspects. The length of an ideal PPT presentation depends largely on the length and detail of the underlying thesis and the amount of illustration required. Generally speaking, a minimum of 10 slides and a maximum of 20 slides should be used, less/more only where justified.
Literature should be mentioned only tangentially in the presentation, with the sole purpose of positioning the thesis within the discipline, with the main focus on the hypothesis and the research/study/experiment itself, thus highlighting everything that led to the thesis.
For the PPT presentation it is also important to keep in mind the occasion for which it is being prepared. Try to avoid garish, wild colour schemes, garbled, hard-to-read text, and clutter.
It is very good to try to present the PPT presentation as it will be presented in the exam. Family and friends will be happy to act as "spectators", and we will have some buy definition essay experience of what it will be like to stand in front of the committee.
We hope that we have been able to gather the points that may have helped you to prepare your essay. Check back with us from time to time, as we'll be back soon with our thematic series, where we'll be covering specialisms in a variety of topics from accounting to microbiology!
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